Full Service Property Management

Our Services

Property Management

With a growing team of experts, we have the expertise necessary to protect and maintain your single-family, multi-family or commercial space. We’ll collect and account for your rent payments, process maintenance requests and become the point of contact for tenants’ questions, complaints and related issues.

Lease Management

Our goal is to keep your units occupied with as little turnover as possible. Marketing and Leasing a vacant unit can prove to be very costly with independent agents, but with VPM our rates are fixed and transparent. As soon as a unit becomes available, we advertise it locally and nationally; then we screen every applicant through a rigorous process, which includes state and nationwide reports. Once an applicant is approved, the new tenant gets a detailed summary of our services, responsibilities and policies. We strive to keep the tenants informed while maintaining low-turnover and rent on-time!


Every property we manage is routinely inspected and cleaned. Our professional maintenance crew works 24/7 to handle emergency and routine maintenance repairs.

Legal Process

The legal and tenant eviction process can be a stressful and costly aspect of property management. Our team works closely with a network of legal experts on finding a solution to the issue at hand. Following a a firm, but fair approach we believe every problem has a solution.

Tenant Portal

Happy tenants are informed tenants. Under our management, residents at your property will enjoy access to an online resident-portal where they can make online payments, view their balance, create service requests and update their contact information. Having resident web access allows tenants the option of paying online, which is especially useful when a tenant cannot make a payment on-time. With these services, tenants tend to be well-informed and educated on our management policies and procedures, which integrate Massachusetts Law.

Debt Collection

Once you find the right candidate, sign them and collect the monthly rent on a timely basis, you might assume your job is done. What happens when you face a tenant that breaks the lease and takes off? Now you have to find a way to get the rent, the cost of any damages, all while looking for a new tenant! To insure the protection of our clients, we don’t stop after court judgments, we partner with several collection agencies that will convert your delinquent tenant accounts into revenue! Our services don’t require a dime unless the accounts are recovered.


Our Promise